A young man rejoices as his agonizing and disabling joint pains induced by steroids finally ends, courtesy homoeopathic medicines.
A young man was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and put on strong doses of steroids, which caused disabling joint pains due to avascular necrosis of femur head. Homoeopathy puts an end to his agony and pains, and finally this young man rejoices.
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A 27 years old man, who worked earlier in the oil Riggs in Miami, came in a jeopardized state for consultation. He started unfolding the chronology of his ailments in the past 1 year, which dated back to his severe attack of ulcerative colitis. He was then admitted and given strong doses of steroid for a month. During his hospital stay of 20 days, he felt terribly miserable, all alone with only hospital caretakers of around. He was fine for the next 3 months and on coming back home, he had the following complaints since 1 year:

  • Pain in the hip joint then the buttocks which radiated to the thighs, calves and the ankle. The pain was never simultaneous on both sides but diagonal affection was seen- like pain in the left hip and the right calf.
  • Pain over the left side of the lower back.
  • Pains caused severe restricted movements in the morning, and compelled him to limp with the agonizing pains for the rest of the day. Pains were relieved by ice cold applications.

He was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of head of femur, relegated to the heavy doses of steroids. He had started ayurvedic treatment but in vain.

He had lost 10-15 Kg weight during his hospital stay then. He is an alcoholic too.

His liking for non-veg food was compromised by his illness. His sleep was disturbed by vivid and disturbing dreams; one of them which disturbed him the most was attending his sister's wedding in odd old clothes.

He was a very sensitive and was hurt even when just casually scolded. A cool outgoing going guy has become extremely irritable owing to his illnesses, to makes things more miserable he lost his job, as he could barely stand, his fiancee broke up with him and in this age where he should be supporting his family, he is totally dependent on them. He felt extremely helpless and anxious with this jeopardized life.

On physical examination all his movements at hip joint were painfully restricted.

The dynamics of his case details were conferred upon and he was prescribed Secale cor 30. He started improving from the first month itself and his hip X-ray changes remained same with no further deterioration. He was then prescribed Secale cor 200, followed by 1M and 10 M along with exercise and dietary regimens. He improved gradually, gained weight too and was back on his feet jumping while rejoicing his life.

After the treatment:

After a period of about 3yrs, he is now a lecturer in a hotel management college and is quiet happy with his life, taking 1 step at a time with no further deterioration in his condition and continues rejoicing his win over his agonizing pains with homoeopathy.