Homeopathic Treatment Breaks Tendency to Tonsillitis in 5 year-old
Swollen tonsils were making eating, talking, and even breathing difficult for this 5-year old girl. The right homeopathy treatment brought back the smile on her face.
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This is the case of a 5 year-old girl with complaints of recurrent enlargement of tonsils and adenoids since 2 years.

The slightest change of weather and eating cold food especially ice-creams brought on the attack.

She would immediately suffer from severe throat pain with difficulty in swallowing food. Her nose would get choked up at night with difficulty in breathing. Her left tonsil would swell up first and then the right one.

She would suffer atleast one attack in a month, with every episode lasting for a week. Only antibiotics could relieve her complaints for the time being. She was suggested to go in for a tonsillectomy by her ENT surgeon.

Along with this, she also suffered from frequent cold with watering of nose and recurrent sneezing. During such episodes the mother noticed that she would become dull throughout the day and would had sleepless nights because of nasal blockage. Her appetite becomes poor and thirst would reduce.

On inquiring about her nature, her mother revealed that her child was very timid and had poor eye contact. She had intense fear of being alone and in the dark and was very attached to her father.

After studying the entire case history, we prescribed the constitutional remedy Calcarea Carbonica 200.

A week later, her mother wrote to us that the swelling of her tonsils had reduced slightly and so had the pain in her throat.

She took treatment with us for a year, during which she suffered just 2 attacks of tonsillitis, which were minor and could be controlled by non-medicinal supportive measures.

The homeopathic medicine based on totality improved her immunity and made her symptom free in very short span of time.