Sleep Apnoea patient treated wonderfully at Welcome Cure with Homeopathy!
Harassed and agitated by his problems of suffocation and choking during sleep, this 63 year old professor turns to Homeopathy for his sleep apnoea. He experiences immediate relief with Homeopathic treatment.
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63 year old retired male professor had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea since last 1 year. His main complaints were transient choking and suffocation with his breathing impeded after he went to sleep. He would wake up with a jolt, anxious and restless and with a fear that he will die at that moment. This would be followed by great weakness, exhaustion and agitation. He had been suffering from asthma since last 6-7 years when he was nearing his retirement. He feared even lying down as it would increase the suffocation. He was prescribed Ars Alb. Homeopathy started working within just one month of taking the medicine; his breathlessness and apnoea problems had reduced in a month. After 3 months, his asthma also started to improve, and he did not experience many attacks as before.
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