Nightly suffocative attacks stopped with Homeopathy!
Nasal obstruction led to sleep apnoea in this young man; he opted for homeopathy for his chronic complaints and received astonishing results.
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A young male, aged 22 years had been suffering from difficulty in breathing during sleep. He would experience choking, suffocate and wake up from sleep. He has been suffering from respiratory complaints on and off since childhood. He had dry coryza with a sensation of obstruction of the nose. After going to sleep, he would snore often and suddenly could not breathe. He would wake up anxiously and have loud quick breathing. Nightly suffocative attacks, with great restlessness had increased in the last 2-3 months. He was prescribed Sambucus for 4 weeks. He came back reporting very good improvement in his symptoms of coryza and sleep apnoea. After 1 year of continuous treatment, he felt completely well.
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