Homeopathy Treatment Effectively Manages Allergies & Improves Immunity
35 year-old lady with chronic sensitivity to cold and allergic sinusitis rediscovered health with Welcome Cure's homeopathic treatment.
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An excellent case of a 35 yr old lady, slightly obese came with the complaints of difficulty in breathing with nasal blockage since last 6 months. She was easily susceptible to every change of weather and would get severe pain in temporal region whenever she use to get expose to cold air , and cold food and drinks.

She consulted different doctors and took various medications but was partially better and would land up in getting recurrent episodes of pain and blockage of nose.

She was mild in nature and slow in all her activities. She used to do her work very slowly and would get easily tired on slight exertion. She was fearful of darkness and ghosts.

Her examination revealed tenderness in temporal region and at the side of nose and cheeks (ethmoidal sinus).

Based on the following symptoms, a constitutional medicine Calcarea Carb 200 was given and was assessed after 7 days. Patient started feeling better within 7 days and continued the treatment for about 4 months. During this period she started tolerating cold food and drinks without any complaints and pain on sinuses gradually reduced.

She was extremely happy with the above treatment and referred few more patients.