Swapping away the attack of acute sinusitis in less than 10 days
This is a case of a young boy with nose block since 5 days. He was completely relief from his acute attack of sinusitis with homeopathic medicines in few days.
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A complete treated case of an 18 yr old lean thin guy with complaints of blockage of his right nostril with headache since last 5 days. As soon as he entered the consulting room, he told assistant to switch off the air conditioning and fan. He said even in this summer if there is a little draft of air he feels very cold.

The frontal sinuses were very congested and nose was blocked. Patient was slightly better by steam inhalation, warm drinks and covering.

After analyzing the severity of complaints Hepar sulph 30 was given. After a day, thick yellowish discharge came out from the nostrils.

We evaluated after 4 days after which patient was 90% better and at the end of 9th day, patient recovered completely.

Patient was called again after a week for his complete case and a constitutional medicine was given.

He was under treatment for about 3 months which improved his resistant against infections and his sensitivity to cold reduced.