Lawyer got a sigh of relief from sinusitis successfully with homeopathy
A middle age man tired with the severe episodes of sinusitis got permanent relief with homeopathic medicines in a short span of time.
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A 45 yr old man, lawyer by profession visited our clinic with complaints of severe pain in the forehead with nose block and difficulty in breathing on and off since last 2 years. He was quite tensed about this complaint as his nose would always remain block and had to breathe through mouth.

His head would terribly pain with sensation as if lots of hammer are banging on it. He had to take a painkiller or nap to get relief. He took number of allopathic medicines with partial relief. Usually these symptoms would get increased after exposure to cold air, winter, A.C and better by steam inhalations.

He would suffer from the same complaints after every 2 months and would remain for 4-5 days

Some of the allopathic doctors suggested an x- ray of PNS which suggested sinusitis and was advised surgery for the same. He was aware about the benefit of homeopathy in curing sinusitis hence was insisting for it.

He was also suffering from pain in his knees and acidity since few days. Hs appetite was normal with craving for warm foods and spicy things. He would also suffer from indigestion after meals. He was comfortable in winters.

By nature he was a kind gentle person, who will never get angry on small things. He narrated that if any client comes to him for any small purpose he would always go out of his way to help them. He wants to secure his relationship with everyone and feels better in company.

He feels uncomfortable in dominating environment and wants to do things in his own way. If anyone tries to bribe him he would easily tell them to go and consult other lawyers.

After analysis the whole case we evaluated that there is a need of constitutional medicines for permanent relief to the patient.

Hence Lycopodium 200 was prescribed and was evaluated after 1 week. He took the treatment for 3 months regularly which reduced his intensity and frequency of pain and attacks.

His immunity drastically improved and was quiet satisfied with the treatment.

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