An Arts Student Who Thought She Was A Doctor, Found Her Solution In Homeopathy
She thought she was a aspiring doctor, although she was a post-graduate in the field of Arts. Developing Schizophrenia due to a prolonged period of social isolation, she found her solution in Homeopathy with us. 2 years on now, she leads a normal life and her delusions are all but gone.
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A 38 yr old, female, Miss K.S., Post-Graduate in Arts, presented with chief complaint of psychological disturbance.

She has a negative attitude, tells lies and imagines and talks about things that have no correlation with reality.

Patient is always absorbed in thoughts, is very short tempered and cries suddenly without reason. She always gets depressed early in the morning.

Her chief delusion is that she believes that she has given a medical entrance test and is aspiring to be an M.B.B.S. doctor, despite the fact that she has done Masters in Arts. She even took up a job as a teacher which she had quit later due to her psychological problems.

Her complaints began after she visited the U.S.A., 3 years back, where she developed Malaria, post which she had to be quarantined. Nobody was allowed to visit her. She had nobody to talk to and to be with. She was all alone for 20 days and had become very frustrated.

Her mental disturbance apparently developed after this incident.

The remedy Natrum Muriaticum 1M was prescribed to her after due analysis of her case.

She began to first improve one month after a few doses of the remedy were administered.

Within 3 months, her hallucinations stopped and she became more communicative.

2 years after she first consulted us, she leads a normal life. Her anger has greatly reduced and her delusion of being an aspiring doctor has also disappeared.

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