Case of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, of 12 year old boy showed significant improvement with homeopathic treatment.
Rheumatoid Arthritis associated with emotional disturbances in a child got improved with homeopathic treatment.
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A male child of 12 years age came to receive treatment for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. He had continuous joint pains since 2 years. Pain was located at spine, knees, shoulders, wrist and ankles. It increased with cold and rains.

Also he had morning stiffness and redness at joint areas. He had received lots of treatment for his condition but was not relieved.

Also he had throat irritation and severe bodyache. He was also suffering from morning sickness. He had difficulty in breathing at night during sleep, so used to sleep with open mouth.

He had sweating tendency at upper lips. He could not stand cold climate. He had recurrent cold and cough, which was more on exposure to cold and rains.

He was lean, thin with sunken eyes. He belonged to a poor family. His father was an alcoholic gambler and mother worked as a housemaid. He was studying in municipal school. His father was a dominating person. Father was aggressive towards his mother, his sisters and to him also.

Patient was very disturbed due to this. Only his mother was fulfilling all their responsibilities. His father expected him to go for buying alcohol and non-vegetarian food for his goon friends, which he hated. If child resisted, his father started beating him mercilessly. Father and son had stressed relationship. His father scolded him every now & then for every small things. He was uncomfortable in crowds and felt uneasy. Being a sensitive kid, all this family tensions affected his health.

Based on his symptoms he was given Rhododendron . His complaints started to show improvement. He was also given Tuberculinum . With continuous treatment on same lines, his pain improved. He also gained confidence and stared to live happily.

He was very satisfied with homeopathic treatment.

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