Homeopathy at Welcome Cure treats rheumatoid arthritis naturally and easily!
Anxious by her multiple health problems, 62 year female started homeopathy with us. Homeopathy helped her get back to normalcy within a year.
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A 62 year old female complained of intense pain in her finger joints and wrists. Pains were almost persistent and they aggravated while cutting vegetables and kneading the dough. All the fine work was almost impossible to be done. She also had occasional right sided knee and shoulder pain. Pains came suddenly and with severe intensity causing her to get up from sleep. There was marked stiffness in the finger joints and knee joints especially in the morning. Her finger joints had started to contract and were getting disfigured. Her other complaints were sever constipation and acidity. She also suffered vertigo and was known to have cervical Spondylosis since 2 years. Patient is always very anxious and restless about her health and fears that she is struck with some grave disease. After complete analysis of her mental and physical symptoms she was given Mag. Mur. With homeopathy for almost 3 weeks, she had started to feel much better than before. The pains had reduced. She continued medicines for 1 year after which the pains, stiffness and contractions were much reduced. Now she could easily do her daily work pain free.
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