Homeopathy given wondrous relief in middle aged female with Rheumatoid Arthritis!
Multiple joint pains and swelling was making life difficult; she opted homeopathy and astonishingly found long lasting results for her problems.
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A 37 year old housewife had chief complaints of pain and swelling in multiple joints since 2 years. Condition had intensified in the last few months. She had pains in both the ankles with pitting oedema, which was more prominent on the left leg. Knees, finger joints, wrists, and lower back were painful too. Pains kept shifting from one joint to other. Backache was severe and persistent. Complaints worsened in evening. She was on some steroids as well as pain killers which were offering minimal relief. Her routine had been affected adversely and she could not perform her household chores. Her complaints started after she had a missed abortion at the age of 35 years. She had become very irritable and angry due to her condition. She also had severe leucorrhoea since a year, with almost daily discharge which was watery and offensive. She was prescribed Sepia. Within 2 weeks, much of the pain had been controlled. However she still needed pain killers once or twice a week as against twice a day which she took earlier. Again after 1 month the pain had reduced even further, she was able to manage her household chores better than before. After almost 7 months, the need for pain killers had been overcome and she started remaining pain free with homeopathy.
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