Supremacy of homeopathy over futile antifungal treatments for psoriasis of nails in this child, redefines the smart utility of homeopathy in skin ailments.
This little girl had been treated for her psoriasis of nails with conventional medicines for a long time. At one end where the antifungal treatments were ineffective, the smart choice her parents to switch over to homeopathy, at the other end, effectively treated their daughter.
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A 4 year old girl, diagnosed with nail psoriasis at around 1 year of age, was under conventional lines of treatment under a dermatologist. She was prescribed varied antifungal compositions in this course of treatment for the past 3 years, but none of them were effective in relieving her complaints.

Another complaint she had, was of polyp like growth in her nostrils with occasional episodes of bleeding from the nose.

She had an inordinate liking for cold drinks and ice-creams

This little girl was quite intelligent for her age and was always on the go, engaged in something or the other in hand. She had an immense fear of darkness and would never sleep alone. Sometimes when angry she would be difficult to handle.

The Homeopath on integrating the details of the girl, prescribed her Phosphorous 200. After 3 months of regular treatment, her nails started becoming softer and the normal translucency of nails was getting back. At the end of 6 months, her nails were normal in appearance and the bleeding from nose stopped too.

Before the treatment After the treatment
Before and after

Thus in this case supremacy of Homeopathic mode of treatment over futile antifungal treatment surely redefines the utility of Homeopathy in skin ailments.

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