Homeopathy proved its calibre in treatment of Psoriasis.
Homeopathy improved a patient with psoriasis, initiated with emotional trigger. After homeopathic treatment he is satisfied and started enjoying his life.
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A 50 years old farmer came with complaint of Psoriasis since last 22 years, when he was in Italy. Lesions were more on left side of trunk and on chest. He also had offensive breath. He had history of Allergic rhinitis and Ringworm.

He was tall with strong built. His appetite was excessive. He craved non-vegetarian food and cold things. He disliked sweets. He had increased thirst, desired icy-cold water. His stool and urine were normal. In summers, he had excessive and offensive sweat. He was uncomfortable in hot weather. He had habit of taking alcohol daily.

22 tears back, when he went to Italy to earn money, an agent cheated him and tore his passport. His mother passed meantime, but he could not come to India for her final rites. So he became quite, gloomy, depressed and felt so unfortunate that at last time he could not see his mother. Wept for many days and developed eruptions. Today also he could not forget that unpleasing moment. He even broods over that.

Before Treatment:

After Treatment:

Based on all his symptoms, he was given Natrum Muriaticum 30. After few follow ups his lesions showed improvement. His psoriasis was almost gone. Patient felt much better. After 6 months his condition further improved. Homeopathy proved its effectiveness in treatment of psoriasis.

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