Psoriasis of 10 years duration successfully treated with Homeopathy.
A case of psoriasis with fish like scales associated with emotional disturbance of patient was rapidly improved with homeopathic treatment.
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A businessman of 32 years age came with complaint of psoriasis since last 10 years. His complaints increased with weather change, heat of sun and taking alcohol.

He was fair, tall and thin. He had increased appetite. He desired sweet things, smoked chicken and potato chips very much. He hated green vegetables and mangoes. He liked to drink chilled water with ice. He had profuse sweat on legs and neck. He liked hot weather. His sleep was disturbed with fearful dreams.

He was very hard working, punctual and was always eager to learn something new. He liked to live luxurious life with branded items. Loud noise& contradiction were intolerable to him and made him angry. He was sympathetic, friendly & loved nature and. He was crazy for cars. He was self made man & was proud of his achievements. He had fear of hearing bad news. He was divorced recently & was upset. He had a failed relation in college also and was very sad at that time; after that got eruptions and scales like of fish which started falling in, more in winters.

Based on his symptoms, he was given Calcarea Phosphorica 200. Gradually with treatment his scales started improving. Also he felt mentally confident and happy. He was given Calcarea Phosphorica 1M. His skin was much better. He was very happy with the results. Homeopathy proved its high efficiency in treatment of psoriasis.