Stage actress treated successfully at Welcome Cure for her PMS!
Severe headache with intense rage were the chief complaints of this 42 year old lady, she chose homeopathy for her PMS and got miraculous results.
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42 year old lady, a stage actress by profession had started experiencing pre-menstrual syndrome since last 6-7 months. She had severe headache as a part of PMS. Headache occurs with vomiting some days before periods. The head feels extremely heavy and full. Headache with black spots before the eyes were experienced. As the menstrual flow begins, the head pain and heaviness goes away. She used to feel very fearful before her menses and felt like she wanted to hide somewhere as everyone was looking at her. She had an intense rage before menses. Her mental and physical symptoms were very prominent and based on them, she was prescribed Melilotus. Headache had almost disappeared and mentally she felt relieved as well. She continued medicines for few more cycles until she did not experience PMS symptoms anymore.
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