Homeopathy acts wonderfully in treating PMS!
PMS manifested as severe breast pain was the main complaint of this 38 year old. Homeopathy helped eased her complaints.
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38 year old lady had severe breast tenderness as a symptom of her PMS. Breasts felt swollen, and enlarged with intense pain before periods. Pain gets worse by touching. Along with pain, the breast also becomes hard. Breast pain would reduce as soon as the periods start. She also had severe dysmenorrhea which started about 3 days before menses. Her menses had tendency to get delayed and the delay would further intensify her PMS. Mentally also, she felt disinclination to do any physical or mental work. She was prescribed Conium 1M and the medicines were given for a month to observe the next cycle. She did experience breast pain in the next month, but the intensity had greatly reduced. Her PMS symptoms started decreasing subsequently in the 3-4 cycles.
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