A young teacher experienced astonishing relief with Homeopathy for PMS!
Overwhelmed and over powered by her mood swings, depression and irritability, this 27 year old teacher opted for homeopathic treatment for PMS. She was successfully treated with homeopathy and was relieved in 4-5 months.
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27 year old, unmarried girl, a teacher by profession had complaints of severe depression and mood swings which started a week before her menses. During this phase she was sad, and avoided any kind of company. She desired to be left alone and would cry for a long time. Sudden mood swings from extreme joy to sadness were experienced. Occasionally she felt worthless and had a very low self esteem. Her energy levels dropped too. She also felt nausea and vomiting few days before periods. She was sad about not finding the right job since last few months. She was prescribed Ignatia and called after a month. She had her periods on time, and there was marginal improvement in the mood swings. Again after a month, she reported that she did not experience mood swings as bad as earlier. This time the feeling of nausea and vomiting were also not experienced. She continued medicines for 6 months and had significant relief in her PMS.
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