Homoeopathy provides effective relief from PCOS!
A 24-year-old young girl came to us with a complaint of irregular periods, weight gain and excessive hair growth. She had been suffering from these symptoms since her periods started. 10 months of Homoeopathic treatment gave her effective relief from her symptoms.
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We had a 24-year-old female coming to with complaints of irregular periods, weight gain and excessive facial hair growth since the past ten years.

She mentioned that she had been to many doctors all of them only recommended her to start with Oral Contraceptive Pills. Oral contraceptive Pills in turn caused weight gain. Thus, she discontinued all the medications.

She had irregular and scanty periods and got periods once in 45-60 days. She used to have immense pain during her periods.

She had excessive facial hair growth especially around the chin and she had gained a considerable amount of weight over a period of time.

Detailed history taking revealed that she was very mild and timid by nature. She described herself to be a very sensitive person and she said that she used to get affected easily over small matters.

We gave her the Homoeopathic remedy Pulsatilla depending upon her symptom picture. Her periods became regular by the end of 4 months, but we recommended her to continue treatment for complete relief.

Buy the end of 12 months she showed reduction in all her complaints.

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