Homeopathy Relieves Troublesome Osteoarthritis of a Sensitive Middle-aged Lady
A middle-aged woman was long suffering from pain and swelling of her weight bearing joints. She finally resorted to Homeopathy which put an end to her pain and agony helping her lead a normal pain-free life.
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A 55 year-old lady presented with complaints of pain and mild swelling in knees and shoulder joints. She also had stiffness of her fingers which was more seen during the morning hours. Her movements were restricted because of pain and swelling.

She had difficulty sitting cross legged and couldn't sit on the floor. She had to take support to climb stairs making it very difficult and agonizing for her. Her complaints aggravated more when exposed to cold weather and air conditioning. Exposure to cold climate and rainy weather increased the swelling in her joints.

She always preferred a warm climate and kept herself warm by covering herself completely except her face that was exposed. As a person, she was very weak emotionally and had a brooding nature.

Considering the above presentation, Colchicum was prescribed as a suitable remedy.

After 15 days, she started feeling better. Her stiffness in joints started reducing. Her pain reduced in intensity and severity.

With continued homeopathic treatment for over a year, patient's condition improved well with good recovery.