Nephrotic Syndrome treated wonderfully with Homeopathy in a 62 year old woman!
Tired of taking high dose medicines, this 62 year old lady surrendered to homeopathy. Homeopathy helped her get rid of the allergic reactions of the conventional medicines and improved her quality of life
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A 62 year old lady, suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome started homeopathic treatment at Welcome Cure. She had a lot of swelling on her feet, ankles and face. She was in extreme pain and couldn�t move about nor do her normal activities. The diuretics which she had been prescribed caused a lot of weakness and she had to discontinue them immediately. She liked to stay busy all the time and loved to work, travel and take care of people. However, her condition did not allow it and she was very depressed by this state. After a bad experience at a local hospital she just decided to give up her existing treatment and go for alternative healing. She was given Apis. This medicine helped wonderfully within the first few months itself. Her symptoms started improving gradually and she was feeling much better. She could now do some work according to her capacities. After 6 months, her Homeopathy medicine dose was increased slightly and the results were amazing. She continued to improve and physically, mentally and generally. Today, she doing well and is very happy that homeopathy improved her quality of life.
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