Young man treated successfully for Nephrotic Syndrome with Holistic Homeopathy!
Swelling of face and lower limbs were the chief complaints in this 24 year old man. He was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Homeopathy helped him recover gradually and effectively improved and normalized his renal functions.
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A 24 year old young male was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome 2 years back. He had been hospitalized 6 months back for raised blood pressure, severe facial as well as leg swelling and vomiting. His complaints had started 10 months back - the swelling on his feet had increased gradually and he had observed that his urine was quite frothy. That is when he got all the investigations done and was diagnosed as Nephrotic Syndrome. Currently, he was on medications but he wanted to get take homeopathy as he was experiencing weakness, loss of appetite and bitter taste in his mouth as a side effect of his current medications. His other problems were blocked nostril, breathing difficulty, pain in the calf muscles and heaviness in the back. He also used to get tired easily. He was very ambitious and wanted to make it big in his life. He had habits of smoking and drinking which he stopped after the episode of hospitalization. He was prescribed Phosphorus after taking his mental and overall history. Homeopathy started showing positive results in 3 months. The swelling on his feet had reduced considerably. His creatinine levels were reducing and the urine report too was almost normal. He continued treatment for almost 2 years. Today his symptoms are under control and he does not have any significant complaints. He also did not require hospitalization during the last 2 years.
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