8 year old child with Nephrotic syndrome improves with Homeopathy @Welcomecure!
Homeopathy brings significant relief to this 8 year old child who was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome
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This is a case of Nephrotic Syndrome in an 8 year old boy who was diagnosed a year back. His chief presentations were swelling of the face, increased body weight, frequent vomiting episodes and occasional diarrhoea. He used to perspire excessively, especially all over his scalp. His urine showed high levels of albumin and RBCs. The child was very lethargic and would used to feel very weak which adversely affected his daily routine. The high doses of steroids given to him by his nephrologist were only aggravating his condition, which is why his parents considered homeopathic treatment. After a detailed analysis, Lycopodium was prescribed with timely intervals and repetition. After a month, the follow up was quite dramatic! The swelling of the face had reduced significantly. Again after 2 months, the swelling was absent and the body weight was coming back to normal. After 3 months, the urine still showed some traces of albumin and RBCs but they were much less as compared to before. He is still undergoing treatment and shows remarkable improvement at every follow up.
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