32 year old businessman got gentle relief from Nasal polyp with Homeopathy
A case of nasal polyp with other physical complaints got prompt and dynamic improvement with homeopathy.
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32 year old business man came with complaint of Nasal polyp since 5-6 years. He had transparent coryza with sneezing. It increased during weather change and by dust. It was better by open air.

His X-ray showed maxillary polyp filling up the right nostril. Also he had peptic ulcers since last 1 year.

His mother also had coryza. His father's uric acid was raised. His grandmother had asthma.

He was healthy with stooped shoulders. His appetite was increased, could not resist hunger. He liked sweet things, fruits and hot milk very much. Thirst was less. He had constipation with ineffectual urging. He could not tolerate hot weather. His sleep was disturbed because nose got blocked. He had dreams of snakes and dead person.

He had habit of taking alcohol and smoking 2 years back.

He always wanted him & his wife to be up to date. 10 Years back he had an affair, which was continued from his side. He could even leave his wife for her. He was flirt by nature. His wife was unaware of all that. He wanted to be rich after his girlfriend left him.

He liked to wander with friends. He wanted to be model, but his father did not allow. He was angry and dominant in business.

Based on his symptoms he was given Lycopodium 200.

After 15 days, his coryza was as it is, could smell now. Sleep was good with no bad dreams.

Appetite was good, no constipation, and sneezing was better.

After 15 days, his acidity was better, sleep is good. No bad dreams, no constipation. Treatment was continued. After 15 days, there was not much improvement. So he was given Lycopodium 1m. After 15 days, size of polyp reduced, sleep was good. No bad dreams.

Coryza and sneezing was better. No effect of weather change this time.

After 15 days, he was better. Sleep was good. No bad dreams, appetite was good. Finally he got gentle relief from Nasal polyp with Homeopathy.

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