Homoeopathy gives a ray of hope for the jeopardized life of an old lady with interstitial lung fibrosis
An old lady kind of estranged by family members and who felt "full of smoke" due to interstitial lung fibrosis, lead a jeopardized life. Homoeopathy is what she turned to then, which gave her a ray of hope.
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A 62 years old lady, a chronic smoker and alcoholic, came in for consultation in November 1998, for her respiratory ailments and narrated her complaints as follows:

  • She was having fever for 12-13days and cough, when he was initially diagnosed with malaria, later on bronchioscopy was adviced for this not-responding case, and it was then she was thus diagnosed with interstitial lung fibrosis.
  • She has quit smoking for the last 6months and now with her complaints feels "full of smoke"
  • She was advised steroids which she wanted to avoid, so chose homoeopathy.
  • She has no fever or cough at present, but complains of pain in the left side of the back on coughing.

She likes sweets, sweet potato and pungent things as well. She dreams of sitting in the sand and she is moving her fingers in it and suddenly finds money, a lot of coins. She also gets dreams of flying with her eyes open.

A sensitive old lady with 1 son and 2 daughters, having lost her husband 5yrs back, is kind of grieving all alone. Her son estranged her after getting married, her 1 daughter is widowed and the youngest daughter and son in law have kept good contacts with her and visit her often. She wears a smile outside with positive vibes to hide her sorrow. She is worried about her daughters and feels bad of her son's behavior. She is nature lover and has passion for animals and birds.

Her detailed case study was the basis of her first prescription of Natrum phosphoricum 200. Within a month of continued treatment, her stitch in the chest disappeared and the sleep got better. She started gaining weight too and her and she was happy. In the July of 1999, a repeat X-ray was reported to be clear of the Interstitial Fibrosis picture. Her anxiety and grief had also reduced.

Thus homoeopathy helps this old lady with interstitial lung fibrosis to do away with her jeopardized life.