A case of Cirrhosis of Liver in a workaholic, got back to work with homoeopathy!
A young engineer, suffering from Cirrhosis of Liver came to us all the way from Greece for Homoeopathic treatment. Despite intense and rigorous conventional treatment, his problems were not solved, but only Homoeopathy was able to bring back his life to normal.
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32 years old, male, an engineer by profession reported for treatment from Greece. He was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of Liver. The patient was treated by a very leading physician from Greece without much of relief.

During the history, wife said a very important thing that although he was in such a bad shape, he had a tremendous desire to go to work. It was very unusual for a person who was very bad pathologically and physically.

The mind was still playing a stronger role than the body and pathology. Patient has tremendous desire for sweets, easy satiety and even a little food would cause distension of the abdomen.

Patient was prescribed Lycopodium 200. Within 1 month, patient started feeling much better.

At the end of 6 weeks, he was able to go for work. The improvement continued. At the end of 6 months, all the reports were normal. Ultrasonography showed that there was no pathology in the liver as compared to previous one.

Just 12 doses of Lycopodium in a span of 6 months, brought the patients pathology to normal. Look at the depth of action of homeopathic medicine.