Young Doctor With Herpes Relieved Speedily With Homeopathy Treatment
Homeopathic treatment puts at ease the agony of a young doctor with painful shingles on chest within a short span of 10 days.
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Dr. V. P., a 28-year-old lady, came with severe herpes in her right armpit.

She had "lightening" type of pain which would feel like an electric current. Slightest draft of air would aggravate the pain.

The pain was better by keeping the arm close to the body and minimizing movement in the armpit region.

The eruptions kept on increasing for the next 8 days and then spread to the left side of the breast. The pain was very severe.

After detailed study and analysis of the case, the patient was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Mag phos

The pain started subsiding gradually. The patient was much better within 3 days.

On the 7th day, the pain completely subsided and the scabs started falling.

Within 10 days, the patient was absolutely normal with no symptoms and no complications.

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