Severe Post Herpetic Nerve Pain Totally Relieved With Homeopathy
A 55 year-old lady consulted us for treatment of intense Post herpetic neuralgia since 1 month. The pain was so severe that she could not bear even the touch of clothes. Within 3 days of beginning with our treatment, she reported back with 50% relief in her pain. 10 days later, she completely recovered and could resume her daily routine.
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Mrs. N. J., a 55-year-old lady presented with Herpes Zoster for the last 4 weeks.

The eruptions had resolved by the end of 2 weeks. However, she continued to have neuralgic pain. She had severe neuralgic pain on the left side of her chest.

She could not bear any touch in this region. Even the touch of clothes would give her sharp pain. She could only wear a loose gown all the time, 24 x 7.

She was taking vitamins and pain relievers with only partial relief.

She was a very talkative lady, who would keep talking despite the severe pain. She was also very suspicious and could not trust anyone around her.

After detailed study and analysis of the case, the patient was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Lachesis.

The patient began improving gradually after starting the treatment.

After 72 hours, the pain was better by 50% and she could sleep peacefully.

The patient kept on improving gradually. Within 10 days, the scabs started falling. The patient eventually recovered completely within 10 days.