Welcome Cure's Homeopathy Treatment Puts an End to Shingles
A young lady from Belgium found much-needed relief from Shingles within just 24 hours of beginning with our homeopathic treatment.
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A young lady from Belgium consulted us for online treatment of Herpes Zoster.

She had pronounced eruptions on the right side of her chest. The eruptions were very severe and had developed secondary infection.

The eruptions had covered almost the entire right side of the chest. The eruptions were pus filled and oozing yellowish fluid.

She was suffering from severe pain. She could not bear the slightest touch of water, which would severely exacerbate her pain.

The severe pain and discomfort had made her lose interest in all her routine activities. She had even lost interest in taking care of her two children whom she otherwise loved very much.

After detailed study and analysis of the case, the patient was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Sepia.

Within 24 hours, the pain was 20% better. The eruptions took 14 days to completely heal.

After taking treatment for 4 weeks, she was completely healed and free from pain.

Thus, we can see how an accurately selected single homeopathic remedy completely cured her of her suffering. Of special note was the fact that there were no scars left behind, no pain and no complications.

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