Constitutionally selected homeopathic medicine puts an end to the trepidation of lice in this 9 year old!
Infested with lice, this 9 year old girl was started with homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy, by working on her basic constitution treated head lice very efficiently.
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A 9 year old girl had severe itching of the scalp and her head was infested with lice. She felt very embarrassing about her problem and would often refuse to play with other kids due her constant itching and scratching. Her parents had tried many lice-killer medications and shampoos for more than a year and yet there was no improvement at all.

This started 2 years back when her mother had second child. She felt quite neglected at that time. The patient tried her best to have her attention by being very obedient, very helpful towards her mother. She acted so normally and no one suspected that she was getting angry about the diverted attention.

Based on her whole history, Staphysagria was prescribed. Homeopathy actually worked on the constitution of the child and helped her put up a strong defence against head lice. Homeopathy helped to prevent further growth of the nits and they did not grow into adults thus stopping the cycle.

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