Holistic Homeopathy treats GERD in this distressed lady
GERD has become quite a common digestive trouble today with 10-20% of the population being affected by it. Homeopathy is safe, natural and can effectively help control the symptoms of GERD and give lasting relief.
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This is a very interesting case of GERD in a 36 year old lady. She had been suffering from acidity, burning in chest and sour eructations since 5-6 years. Her complaints would increase at night. Episodes of acidity were followed by severe nausea and vomiting. This happened once in every 15 days.

All the blood tests and investigations pointed towards GERD. She had been to gastroenterologists, physicians, etc. and had taken too many medicines for it. Her body started reacting to these drugs and she was extremely distressed by her complaints.

The patient used to have a very basic, minimalistic diet. Because of her troubles, she was afraid to eat anything and followed several dietary restrictions. This lady was married 7 years ago and was very happy with her husband for the first few months.

However, gradually the husband did not pay much attention to her needs and would often come late from office. He would even go out with his friends leaving her alone at home. Her relationship with her in-laws was troubled too.

The patient always wanted to keep everything neat and clean and her drive for perfection drove others crazy. She would get angry too easily and would shout at anyone who would cross her path. She felt extremely lonely.

She was given Natrum Mur. After 15 days, she came back reporting that she felt a little better, but the acidity was still a little more during night time. Her medicines were continued for another month and was asked to give a follow-up after 30 days. She said she was approximately 50% better.

Along with Homeopathy she was advised to go for a counselling as a couple. This too helped a lot in calming her down. She also continued taking Homeopathy for another 1 year. Now after a year, she is doing much better. She does not experience any gastric discomfort after eating and is able to eat all food items without any complaints.

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