Gastritis was healed effectively and promptly with homeopathy.
A case of Gastritis and fatty liver relieved with homeopathy. Patient was satisfied with prompt relief he received with homeopathy.
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A 40 year old patient came with complaints of acidity and bloating. He was diagnosed a case of gastritis. He was suffering since 5-6 months. Also, he had pain in rectum area. His bowel movement was insufficient. He had frequent constipation.

He had pain in penis and left testicle. Also he was experiencing pain after urination. His wife also had same problem. His urine was normal. His sleep was good. His perspiration was increased. Though he was tolerable to all climates, he preferred summers. His sole had painful cracks. He was an engineer. He was married with 2 kids. He had no history of any significant disease in past or in his family. He was a mild and affectionate man.

He had undergone endoscopy, which showed Gastritis and Fatty Liver.

Based on his symptoms, he was given Phosphorus.

After 1 month all his complaints relieved. His pain was no more. His stools were normal. There was no swelling in anus.

Patient was happy and satisfied with the amazing relief he received with homeopathy.

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