Homeopathy poises the sensitivity to pains of a middle aged woman with multiple gallstones to treat her effectively.
A middle aged woman is quite sensitive to the pains caused by multiple gall stones. An appropriately selected Homeopathic medicine poises her sensitivity to pains and thus treats her effectively.
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Mrs. UR. 45 years, consulted a Homeopath with the following complaints since last 2 years:

  • Paroxysm of pain in epigastrium & right hypochondrium on and off
  • Pain in right hypochondrium extended to the back which got worse on taking fried food, lying on back and got better by warm fomentation and eructation.
  • Feels as if something is swollen and constricted by a hand there.
  • Along with pain the area becomes very tender and sensitive to touch.
  • There was no vomiting

On physical examination her pulse was 78/min and her blood pressure was 130/90. There was a lot of tenderness and sensitivity to touch at the right hypochondrium on palpation. X-ray of the abdomen showed multiple gall stones.

Her other complaint was of vertigo on fasting. Since her 7 years of menopause, she had complaints of been anxious and of palpitations.

She had easy satiety with distention of abdomen on after eating. She had desire for cold drinks and had good thirst for water. She was constipated. She would have difficulty in falling asleep with frightful dreams and would get palpitations when sleep would be disturbed by loud noises.

The lady was quite anxious, having trembling due to it and had great fear of thunderstorms.

She was sensitive to noise and always wanted company. She would get easily angry on been contradicted.

In her family her father died of some unknown cause, mother died at the age of 60 due to diarrhea and her brother died of Diabetes.

Her case details on studies lead to the prescription of Phosphorus 30. In 10 days the response to treatment was very satisfactory and thereafter whenever there was a relapse it would settle down with Homeopathic medicines. After 3 months of regular treatment X-ray abdomen was repeated, this showed that the stones were about 60% less in size than the previous X-ray. She was then given Phosphorus1M and after 1 month she was completely normal and could tolerate fried food without any disturbances, so medication was stopped and a repeated X-ray of abdomen showed perfectly normal gall bladder with no calculi.

Homeopathy effectively treats her as it poises her sensitivity to pain due to multiple gall stones, and she gets rid of those gall stones too.

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