A grieving widow finds solace for her multiple gallstones in the beneficence of right Homeopathic remediation.
A widow was grieving over her husband's death and was then diagnosed with multiple gall stones. After many attempts to get solace for her malady, she finally finds it in the beneficence of right Homeopathic remediation.
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Smt. PC, 55 years old lady visits a Homeopath with the following complaints since 1 year after her husband's death:

  • Pain in hepatic region of abdomen
  • Excessive acidity and vomiting
  • Constant pain in upper abdomen.

She was very much icteric with palor of skin too. On palpation of abdomen, her right hypochonrium was very tender and she didn't allow touching it. Her pulse was 92/min and her Blood pressure was 140/90 mm hg. Ultrasonogaphy of abdomen showed multiple small gall stones with normal liver. Blood investigation revealed increased level of serum bilirubin.

She had visited many conventional doctors for treatment, but none helped her significantly.

She also had complaints of Vertigo and offensive urination with leucorrhoea

Her appetite had decreased due to the fear that eating might bring up the colic. She had a liking for sweets and milk and her thirst was good. Her motions were irregular with hard and clay colored stools. She would sweat profusely yet intolerant of cold weather. Her sleep was disturbed, and she would weep in her dreams and would also dream about her dead husband. She had attained menopause.

Her husband expired a year back and since then sadness prevails in her life, and in this grief she controls weeping but unable to do so. Been an irritable lady she would have involuntarily sighing.

In the past she had history of headache and dyspepsia.

Her father expired due to Cirrhosis of liver.

Her case details were analyzed and she was prescribed Ignatia amara 200. After 10 days she felt better mentally, Pain in right hypochondrium had also reduced with slight increased in appetite. In the next 10 she was much better but had mild icterus, for which she had prescribed Natrum sulph 200. Within 20 days of regular treatment she was very much fine and her ultrasonography showed no evidence of gall stones with slight biliary dyskinesis; thereafter she was fine with no relapses.

Beneficence of right Homeopathic medicines give solace to this grieving old lady with multiple gall stones.