Logic of been relieved of recurrent gallstone colic with Homeopathic medicines is well reasoned out for a young philosopher.
A young philosopher with complaints of recurrent gall stone colic gets successfully treated with Homeopathic medicines. Thus the logic of been relieved by Homeopathy is well reasoned out for this young philosopher.
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Miss SB 20 years old came in for consultation for her recurrent complaints of gall bladder colic and gave the following history of complaints:

  • Hammering right sided pains from the region of gall bladder extending to right shoulder blade.
  • This pain was associated with restlessness and vomiting.

On physical examination her pulse and blood pressure were normal. She had excessive yellowish discoloration of skin and sclera and appeared to be pale too. On palpation of abdomen she had tenderness over right hypochondrium.

She had desire for fatty food, but her thirst and appetite were diminished. Her urine was yellow coloured and stools were unsatisfactory. Her sleep was disturbed and she had intolerance to cold weather.

Been quite intelligent, she claimed to know all. She was inquisitive too, and was an argumentative philosopher.

She gave a past history of skin eruptions, so did her mother in the past.

Considering her presentation, she was prescribed Sulphur 30. Within 10 days she was much better with no complaints of jaundice or gall bladder colic. In the next 10 days she had reoccurrence of gall bladder colic which responded to Sulphur 30 quite well. Thereafter she was much better with no further episodes of gall bladder colic.

Thus a young philosopher with recurrent gall bladder colic is convinced with the logic of been treated with Homeopathic medicine.

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