Functioning of hepatobiliary system revamped by Homeopathy as it breaks the jinx of recurring attacks of Gall bladder colic.
A middle aged Asthmatic woman with recurring attacks of Gall bladder colic receives Homeopathic medicines. Her functioning of hepatobiliary system is revamped by Homeopathic treatment as it breaks the jinx of recurring attacks of Gall bladder colic.
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Mrs. MS, aged 53 years consulted for her recurrent attacks of colic in gall bladder which gradually increased in frequency since 2 years. Off late the colic is associated with excessive vomiting of acid like bitter matter and coldness of extremities. She also complained of uncomfortable feeling when been empty stomach which was better by eating food.

On physical examination her pulse was 74/min and her blood pressure was 130/90mm hg. On palpation of abdomen she had tenderness over the gall bladder region.

She prefers salty food stuff and her thirst is less. She has unsatisfactory stools. She is sensitive to cold atmosphere.

She has been suffering from severe Asthma for the last 10-12 years, but now the asthmatic attacks have disappeared with advent of present complaints.

Her case description upon analysis leads to the prescription of Thyroidinum 200 for her. After 15days stools were normal with good appetite and no uncomfortable feeling in stomach disappeared or pain. In the following month with regular treatment she was doing fine, but gradually mild asthmatic attacks were increasing which were bought under control with Thyroidinum 200 again. Since then she has been pretty fine and had no complaints as such.

Thus the functioning of hepatobiliary system was revamped by Homeopathy as it broke the jinx of recurring attacks of Gall bladder colic in an asthmatic woman, to help her lead a better life.

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