Homeopathy solves a case of fibromyalgia since 1 year rapidly.
Stiffness and pains in joints were the main problems of this 42 year old. He opted for homeopathic treatment with us and obtained tremendous relief.
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42 year male complained of stiffness and soreness of his muscles and joints since a year. He also complained of a bruised feeling which was present all over the body. Complaints would aggravate after an exposure to wet, cold weather and got better with a hot bath or a heat massage. Every time he tried to move his body, he would feel unbearable pain in the body including the joints. He would get irritated because of his problems. All sorts of treatment were tried but there was no relief. He started homeopathic treatment and he was prescribed Rhus Tox. After about 15 days, when he reported that he did not feel the aches and stiffness as much as before and he was feeling much relieved as compared to before the treatment.