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In the words of the patient's parents:

The Online treatment protocol of Speciality Clinic for eczema complaint works efficiently and our daughter has responded very well to their Homeopathic medication. She now lives like a normal child and she has no longer suffered from eczema or itching.

Female/ 5 years
Diagnosis: Eczema

5 year old girl, Miss N. A., was brought to us for the treatment of eczematous eruptions mainly on the face and arms and rough skin on the legs. There was a lot of itching on the eruptions and whitish scale formation. The itching was worst at night. The eruptions started on the left side. She was allergic to gram flour. Along with this, she also had a poor appetite and irregular bowel movements. The complaints had been going on since six months and she had got no relief from the treatments taken so far.

She was a vegetarian but would take eggs; she liked chips, cold water and ice cream. Her thirst for water was normal. She was sensitive to heat in general and would prefer cold climate. She would sweat profusely. She had no complaints pertaining to her urination. She had good sleep for about 7 hrs at night and 2 hrs in afternoon; she would sleep in fetal position. She would often get nightmares and would dream of darkness and cartoons.

She was talkative by nature; would get distracted easily (that's what her school teacher informed) but she was good in studies and would get good grades. She was intelligent but had trouble making friends and always complained that she had no friends.

She was very short tempered by nature, when she would get angry she used to through things, shout, wouldn't talk and then sulk. She would also sulk if things would not go her way. She would often trouble her sister and fight with her.

She liked to have exclusive things for herself; she would like to take things which no one had in the school. She was also very conscious about how she looked and what people felt about her. She liked cleanliness in general and if she took up some work, she would complete it properly. Early on, she used to cry a lot if her routine was changed.

She was very selective when it came to meeting people. She would like to mix with beautiful people. Besides this, she had fear of injections, cutting nails and darkness. She was also very shrewd; one had to explain her things properly and it was difficult to fool her. She was also very lazy. She had a lot of stage fright; and as a child, she used to vomit deliberately.

Birth history: Full term normal delivery

Birth weight: 8 pounds

Eruption of first tooth: 5-6 months

Age of walking: 12 months

Age of talking: 13-14 months

In the past, she had suffered from measles at the age of 2 years and malaria at the age of 3 years. She would occasionally develop cold/cough/fever.

Her mother suffered from thread worm and Urticaria. Her paternal grandmother (74 yrs) had Diabetes mellitus and her paternal grandfather had died of some form of cancer. Her maternal aunty had Ulcerative Colitis and her maternal grandmother had bronchial asthma.

Findings on examination:

Perspiration on palms+

Enlarged tonsils

Serrated teeth

Dark rings around eyes

Multiple eczematous eruptions on the legs

Patches of fungal infection on face

Laxity of abdomen+

Extra hair growth on abdomen

Her stool report was normal.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed Calcarea Carb 200 for her complaints of eczema. Her mother would report to us every month that she was getting better in terms of her eczema. After treatment for about 4 months, her eczema had completely subsided and the treatment was concluded thereafter.

About 2-3 months later, she reported with mild eruptions recurring and a few doses of Calcarea Carb 200 got rid of them completely. 4 months later, she reported with development of multiple enlarged glands in the submandibular and post-auricular region along with offensiveness of breath. Their family servant was suffering from tuberculosis at that time. She was prescribed Bacillinum 1M single dose for the same. A couple of months down the line, her glands had disappeared and her eczema was also absolutely fine.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in eczema cases. Please take Professional Guidance. Do not do self medication. Homeopathy is individualistic. Speciality Clinic is not responsible for any of the patients' self medication.

Conclusion: This is a good case of Eczema of 5 year old girl successfully treated by Homoeopathy. After regular medications her eruptions completely disappeared and she got right health through homoeopathy and its holistic approach.