An Old Man Embraces his Life back by Tackling Depression with Homeopathy
This is the case of a senior citizen who finds himself in the depths of Depression after retiring from his job. With suitable homeopathic treatment, he began accepting the current phase of his life with positivity and emotional strength.
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A man who worked for almost 40 years of his life retired at age of 60. He had secured himself well financially with good savings and right investments over his working years.

He began to notice a sudden change in his mood and behavior since his retirement. He started having strange thoughts of going bankrupt and becoming poor. He used to constantly think about his business and occupation.

Due to this, he became violent and abusive in nature. He also had a strange feeling that he had no bladder or bowel movements.

Based on the above case presentation and his individual characteristics, he was diagnosed to be suffering from Depression, and Bryonia was prescribed as a suitable remedy.

With regular medication, patient started responding well to Homoeopathy and began accepting life with a more positive attitude. His behavior improved well and Homoeopathy helped him get rid of his negativity.

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