Depression and anxiety relieved by homeopathic treatment.
A woman who was lonely, nervous, depressed and hopeless was promptly relieved with homeopathic treatment.
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A 39 year old female housewife came with complaint of depression since many years. She used to weep tremendously. She had palpitations, severe anxiety & nervousness with cold hands and feet which increased when she was alone at night.

She had headache since 1 year. Pain was located at vertex, full head, and temples. It increased with tension, sun; while was better by getting up from sleep, tying hair and by pressure.

Sleep was reduced to 2 hours only. Giddiness and nausea was better by lime juice. There was flatulence and bloating of the abdomen.

She had hair fall since 2 years, greying of hair and severe dandruff. She was hypertensive since 4 years. Her father had TB.

She looked like a withered old woman. She had problem with sugar, yet liked it. She had nervous diarrhoea since 2 years which increased with fright and stress. She had profuse, offensive sweat more on face. She liked hot climate. Before menses she was lethargic. She had yellow leucorrhoea.

She had a tough childhood. Post marriage she was lonely, because her husband was abroad and her mother in law harassed her. She left and suffered financial loss, which caused depression & she was hospitalized. She became extreme emotional, nervous, impatient, & anxious of her health. She had fear of being alone, high places. She could not attend funerals.

Based on her symptoms, she was given Argentum Nitricum 200. After 15 days patient was very happy, less anxious. Her apprehension was reduced.

After 15 days, she generally felt better in all her sufferings. Her complaints of headache and hair fall were better. Her entire family was elated because of patient's depression replaced by happiness and positivity.

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