Homeopathy at Welcome Cure treats dengue promptly and holistically!
Fever with chills and severe backache were the presenting symptoms of dengue in this 32 year old. Homeopathic treatment brings an unbelievably quick recovery from dengue.
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A 32 year male, diagnosed with dengue, came for homeopathic treatment. His main complaints were intermittent fever which occurred every 2 days. The chills were accompanied by intense thirst followed by excessive heat and profuse sweating. He had severe body pain, and it was more intense on the back which felt sore and bruised.

He also had some tightness and dull pain of the abdomen with decreased appetite. The back was so week that he could not remain standing for a very long time and would lose his balance. There was increased weakness.

Based on all his symptoms, he was prescribed Chininum Sulph. He started feeling better within 2 days of starting homeopathy. His appetite was improving, and there was no pain in the abdomen. The fever did return in 2 days, but it was less severe as compared to earlier. Back pain had relieved a lot and he could actively move about. Within 3 weeks, he had felt a lot better.

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