Homeopathy saves this patient from hospitalization and treats dengue with utmost care!
Critically ill due to dengue, this patient was asked to be hospitalized, yet she chose homeopathy over hospital. Her immunity was restored and dengue was controlled with homeopathy.
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A 25 year old female was diagnosed with dengue fever and was asked to be hospitalized. Her main complaints were mild flu-like fever with some rash all over the body. She had severe headache along with muscle soreness and weakness. She felt severe pains inside the bones. Her blood pressure had reduced to 90/60 mm of Hg.

She was had intense thirst during fever, but drinking water would bring about vomiting with bitter taste in the mouth.

She was asked to have complete bed rest at home and homeopathic remedy Eupatorium was prescribed and repeated at frequent intervals. She started responding to homeopathy within few hours. Weakness and bone pains were reducing significantly. She had fever again after 5 hours reaching to 100 degrees F. But homeopathy was still continued and the fever did drop after an hour. The next day she could move and felt better than before. The blood pressure too had come to 110/70 mm of Hg. At the end of 7days, she felt a lot better with Homeopathy and continued medicines for 3 weeks more.

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