Dengue treated with Homeopathic treatment in this middle aged man!
Diagnosed with dengue, this 52 year old man tried homeopathy for the fever which did not reduce with medicines. Homeopathic treatment had brought him back to normal within just 2 weeks.
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A 52 year old male had fever since 7days. He also had severe pain all over his body, especially in the joints which increased on any movement. He was unable to lie down in any position. He also had diarrhoea during fever. These complaints started when he got wet in the rains. He was taking anti-pyretic medicines since 3-4 days.

He also had severe headache along with nausea and occasional vomiting. His blood reports were positive for dengue and the platelets had reduced slightly as well. He had become very restless and anxious about his problems and wanted to go to work despite his illness.

Based on his acute totality, he was prescribed Rhus Tox. He responded quickly within 2 hours and his temperature had begun to decrease. Within a day, the body aches and joint pains reduced considerably. His fever had completely subsided in 5 days. He continued medicines for 15 days to deal with post-viral infection and he had felt completely well with the treatment.

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