A Lady with Painful Corns gets Much-Wanted Relief With Homeopathy
Homeopathy helped dispel a stubborn case of Corns in a young pregnant lady. The medicines not only eliminated the corns, but also boosted her general energy and sense of wellbeing.
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A 28 year old lady came with the following complaints:

  • General weakness and corns on the right foot
  • Amenorrhea since 5 months
  • Cracked nails with blackish discoloration
  • Multiple small warts on the neck

The corns were very painful and aggravated by touch and pressure with intense pain in legs that was better by rest. There was a general feeling of weakness. She felt she would not have enough strength to go through the entire pregnancy.

She always had skin problems. As a child she would get moist eczema in the bends of the elbow. Her skin was not very healthy and she frequently suffered from dryness and wrinkling. The nails were also cracked and break easily. Her nails were blackish in color.

She had an average built and was well-nourished. She was very calm by nature. She could not tolerate quarrels & even if neighbors were quarreling, she would feel scared and start crying.

Due to financial loss, her husband had to sell their house and factory. She worked and supported her husband during his bad phase.

Graphites was prescribed on the basis of symptoms. Her subsequent follow-ups showed steady improvements in her corns and general wellbeing.