6 Year-Old Child Starts Recovering From Sore Eyes Within Just A Day… by Homeopathy
A 6 year-old child with severe, sudden conjunctivitis finds prompt relief at the hands of the accurate homeopathic remedy, in the same day itself!
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This is the case of a 6 year old child, of medium built and fair complexion who developed swelling and redness of right eye while playing outside his house with his friends.

He initially complained of intense irritation in the eye that escalated to swelling and redness within 7 hours. The irritation was so acute that the child refused to let even his mother touch him.

His eyes were watering profusely and his condition progressed from bad to worse.

By nature, the child was extremely timid and reserved. He was average in studies and very obedient.

He loved playing with his friends, but if any of them scolded him, bullied him or beat him, he felt too afraid to react and would run home to his mother.

We decided to begin his treatment considering the acuteness of his condition. The severity with which the disease attacked him was a marker of how quickly we needed to prescribed the medicine for him. Our main goal was to prevent the infection from spreading to the other eye.

The remedy Aconite 200, 2 pills was prescribed on a four hourly basis and his mother was advised to keep us regularly updated about his health.

Within the same day, the swelling in his eye reduced and oversensitivity to light also diminished.

After 4 days, redness and swelling completely disappeared and child was normal.

We decided to prescribe on the basis of his acute symptoms since they were marked and intense. Euphrasia 30, 4 pills were given on a 3-hourly basis and he was advised to follow up with us after 3 days.

He reported back saying his complaints had reduced considerably. But our job wasn't done yet!

We took his entire case history once again and prescribed a constitutional remedy to boost his immunity and prevent him from recurrent infections.

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