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In the patient's words:

I could not believe that Homeopathy controlled my complaints so quickly and so effectively. Thanks a lot to Speciality Clinic and to Dr. Jawahar Shah for my bronchitis complaint.

Female/ 42 yrs
Diagnosis: Acute Bronchitis

A 42 years old woman was brought to the clinic with severe chest congestion following a pest control treatment in her house. Her complaints were as follows:

Severe cough with expectoration that was thick white and frequent

Lot of sneezing and watery discharge from the nose

Fever since the last 6 days

Her complaints would be better by sitting up and from warmth

She would be worse after exposure to draft of cold air and from fan.

On examination, the chest was full of rales and rhonchi.

The patient was chilly (sensitive to cold) with marked weakness due to the complaints. She had thirst for warm water.

Based on the above history, she was given Antim. Ars. 30 - 2 pills 4 hourly. Within 24 hours, the fever touched normal and within 7 days, her chest cleared completely making her symptom-free. The treatment was discontinued thereafter and she was asked to report to us in case she developed any other complaints anytime in future.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in bronchitis cases.

Conclusion: Homoeopathic medication enables a 42 year old lady's bronchitis complaints and brought her health back. Her chest congestion was cleared after taking Antim. Ars. This shows how homoeopathy works scientifically and accurately.