An asthmatic businessman successfully treated with homeopathy
A middle aged businessman with very strong family history of bronchial asthma would catch cold with every change of weather and end up being breathless. He was eventually diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Homoeopathy helped him to deal with his asthma and get significant relief from it.
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Mr. D.S. 34 years old businessman would catch cold from every change of weather.

  • It would start with fluent watery coryza and lachrymation
  • He would get a nose block, which was relieved in the open air and from walking about.

These symptoms would escalate to breathlessness, which had now become a daily problem. He has been an asthmatic since 20 long years; but complaints had increased over the past 3 years. But whenever he would be on business trips to the drier regions of the country, he would be asymptomatic.

When he came down for consultation, he had daily attacks of breathlessness and had been hospitalized on two occasions in the past for the treatment of Status Asthmaticus.

He also was found to have warts on the nose, neck and abdomen.

He craves for sweets and fried food. He cannot tolerate the cold. He sweats profusely on the slightest exertion and in summer. He is addicted to tobacco chewing and enjoys his alcoholic drinks.

The previous illnesses that he had suffered from were chicken pox in childhood, left hydrocele (operated), and measles as young adult, ringworm.

He has strong family history of bronchial asthma, wherein his mother, along with a wide array of pulmonary diseases has bronchial asthma too; whereas his sister died during an acute attack of bronchial asthma. Maternal family also revealed a strong history of bronchial asthma. Besides his brother have complaints of obesity, diabetes mellitus, Hypertension.

On auscultation wheeze was heard over his chest.

On his first consultation, he was prescribed Thuja based on the details of his complaints. This was later followed by a remedy called Arsenicum Album.

Businessman thus strikes a deal with homoeopathy to successfully do away with his breathlessness, and breathes freely.

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