Homeopathy Brings Hope in Case of an Autistic Child
An autistic child, who could have been written off as an empty life starts communicating sensibly after homeopathic medicines.
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In the words of the patient's father:

I am very thankful to Speciality Clinic and Dr. Shah for treating my child; he is so much improved after taking homoeopathic treatment.

Male/ 7 years old

Diagnosis: Autism

Master V. was a very hyperactive child and was not talking. He had no eye contact till the age of 3 years. At school, he was very hyperactive and would never sit in one place. His parents had consulted a speech therapist who had suggested that they start with play education to develop his eye contact. He was sent to play education for 1 year. His eye contact improved and he started understanding simple commands.

Sometimes, he would scream when he could not explain certain things. At the age of 5 years he was talking certain words which were only need-based.

Since he was very hyperactive, his father decided to put him for swimming which he learnt very fast. Other physical activities were normal. After starting swimming, his concentration improved.

He was trained for his toilet habits at the age of 5 years. He went to the playgroup school till the age of 5 years and after this he was put in a normal school. Since the medication had some adverse effects, he had to leave school. However, he was never aggressive in the school.

At the age of six and a half years, he was put under medication for his hyperactivity and concentration. The name of the medication was Addwize and after this, his concentration increased and hyperactivity reduced but this was only for a short while and things came back to square one once again. The mother said the suppressed hyperactivity would come out in double portions and so they discontinued the treatment.

The child started to have his bath and brush his teeth himself after the age of 7 years. A neurologist they consulted had suggested him to do tests like BERA, Serotonin test, etc which were normal. He went to a center called as Human Development Centre at the age of 7 years and here he learnt to do what he was told to do. He was normal at the center and his activities increased; he started to understand simple commands. His speech started improving and he would communicate everything that was need-based in sentences.

Present problems:

Communication skills are only 40%; he cannot interact with children or play with them. His talking skills are very less and his vocabulary is very limited. Being very shy, he doesn't talk directly when questioned. When we put some questions to him, he didn't answer them as he was feeling very shy.

In the consulting room, he was busy talking with himself and making some noise. The parents remarked that he had become very demanding and aggressive. When they go out for dinner or any other occasion he takes advantage of it and demands things. If he is not given what he wants, then he will cry and attract sympathy from others.

Initially there was sibling rivalry with his younger sister for 3-4 months but then he started getting along very well with her.

He liked cooking and knew many things about the same. He also loved eating and he would not like to share his food with anybody. Being very impatient, he could not stay in one place for a long time and would constantly run from one corner of the house to another.

Fear of crowds, crows and towering personalities was marked. He was very much fond of his father's car. He would always be smiling and in a jovial mood. Now at the age of 9 years he was independent in many ways.

General features:

Cravings: Ice, Eggs, Cottage cheese

Perspiration: On the head and neck

Sleeps in knee chest position and does not cover himself even in winters, kicks off the covering.

Family history:

Grandfather and Grandmother: Hypertension

Based on the above history, he was prescribed Medorrhinum 30 for his complaints. A week later, parents reported that he was better in general. Treatment was continued on similar lines for another 2 weeks. His mother reported that she had discontinued the medicines in between for 2-3 days since he would have to go to pass stools after taking the medicines. He was also getting angry easily and would scream. But one positive thing she had noted was that he has started talking about 2-3 sentences at a time.

Medication was continued on similar lines and 2 weeks later, he was communicating better though he would still get upset very fast. Gradually his irritability reduced, his concentration improved and he started communicating more sensibly. At the end of about 5 months of regular treatment, the child's vocabulary was much better and he would himself want to speak to his uncle over the phone. His treatment was continued for some more time and was discontinued thereafter when he was significantly better.

The prescription of the accurate constitutional homeopathic remedy plays a vital role in the journey towards Autism cure.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in Autism cases.

Conclusion: A 7 year old hyperactive autistic child started sensible communication after taking Medorrhinum 30. The prescription of the accurate constitutional homeopathic remedy plays a vital role in the journey towards relief from Autism.