An Indigenous breed of donkey does away with his chronic laminitis with homoeopathy, to munch on some green grass happily.
An Indigenous breed of donkey was diagnosed with chronic laminitis. His diligent owner turns to homoeopathy, and thus the donkey does away with his arthritis to munch on some green grass.
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Koko a 24 years old Indigenous breed of Donkey having chronic laminitis, was seen in May 2010, wherein he was in constant pain with inability to be fed on grass. On witnessing this distressing condition of his donkey, the diligent owner turns to a homoeopath.

Physician on careful examination of all the details prescribed the donkey Pulsatilla and Hypericum, with Biochemic Combination no. 19 and some fresh herbs were added to his diet. In few weeks time he improved quite well and was required to be given only biochemic combination no.19. After about a month he was still shuffling on his feet, so was continued with same remedy more frequently. With months of treatment, and grass restrained diet, he was doing well. After about 7 months of treatment he was absolutely fine with intake of some grass tolerated well.

Thus an Indigenous breed of donkey well treated with homoeopathy for his chronic laminitis, now could munch on some grass happily.