Homoeopathy brings back the state of ecstasy for a chocolate Labrador rendered lame with arthritis.
A chocolate Labrador having arthritis and a sebaceous cyst on her head is treated with homoeopathic medicines. To the delight of her owner, she gets back into her state of ecstasy.
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Stacy, 7 years old Chocolate Labrador with arthritis and sebaceous cyst on her head was seen in March 2003. This lovable pet had grown into nervous types owing to her age and injury sustained while playing Frisbee. The vet had advised to watch the cyst, for if it grows it will need surgery. Her smart owner, based on little knowledge pertaining to homoeopathy and some more gained online gave her Calcarea Carb 30. Couple of doses landed the pet into episodes of diarrhea. It has been a week since the last dose and the cyst does not appear to have changed but her attitude is good and she wants to play a bit more but still seems a bit nervous.

The consulting physician restudied the case and prescribed Calcarea fluor and Ledum in March 2003. In November 2004 Stacy was no longer lame and the sebaceous cyst had disappeared. At this stage Biochemic combination no.19 was advised. In a couple of months Stacy, the chocolate Labrador was in a state of ecstasy, playing around. She needed to put on some weight, hopefully she will soon.

Stacy's acute case responded well to homoeopathy; and her state of ecstasy proved to be source of happiness to the treating physician.

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