Constant vigilance and homoeopathic treatment gets a lame stallion with chronic laminitis back on his feet.
A stallion with chronic laminitis, kept on going lame with frequent relapses of his condition. This horse gets back on his feet, due to constant vigilance and homoeopathic treatment.
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Kay, 7years old, Marwari breed of Stallion, diagnosed with chronic laminitis was seen in January 2001. He had multiple relapses of this condition with "Bute" a potent painkiller, no longer acting on him. His X-Rays in October2000 showed severe rotation.

On examination his feet was very warm to touch.

Above stated data was used to make a prescription of Hypericum. After about 3 months in January 2001 his feet were trimmed and he was walking fine in good shape of health. Only his feet were still warm. It was then he was given homeopathic Ginkgo. In August 2001, the lame horse was straight after foot trim in July 2001.

After about 3 months the local treating veterinary diagnoses a right foot abscess due relapse of laminitis, he was then prescribed Graphitis for his recurrent occurrence of sore feet. He recovered gradually with ongoing treatment and proper dietary regimen.

Barring 1 or 2 relapses in the last 6yrs, which were well under control; the stallion was just fine. Thus constant vigilance for relapse to treat them effectively with homoeopathic medicines brings back a lame Stallion back on his feet.